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Best Under Seat Subwoofer 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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Best Under-Seat Subwoofer 2024: Under Seat Subwoofers, are the most popular and the best method to enhance your car’s audio system by not utilizing more space to use it. Most of the Subwoofer models are durable enough for long-lasting years and come at an affordable price.

Within the crowded marketplace, it is very difficult to identify the best car’s subwoofer model. Hence, you can review the below-mentioned comprehensive buying guide for your reference to make the correct decision.

The buying guide will assist you in understanding the most important things to consider before purchasing the best car under-seat subwoofer boxes for your requirements.

Best Under Seat Subwoofer – Buying Guide

You can find below some important factors or things for consideration before purchasing the best cars with seat subwoofer boxes:

Ease of Control & Use

It is essential to control & use your car under the seat subwoofer. Hence, you need to consider purchasing a subwoofer that includes a remote control for access. The remote control can assist you in controlling or adjusting the crossover, bass boost, subs volume, and even other features. Without bending the subwoofer, you can make any changes or adjustments to it. The intelligent automatic switch on or off feature will make it easier to access the under-seat subwoofer.

Easy Installation

It is a difficult task to install the under-seat subwoofer on your car within a minimal space. You can select the best subwoofer for easy installation to overcome this hassle. It is much easier to access power inputs & speakers located within the side panel. You can also easily unhook or hook the cables from your battery or stereo to the subwoofer.


In your life, some of the best subwoofers will be more powerful and also add low-end access to your entire sound system. You can select the best subwoofer that matches your requirements. If you prefer hard-hitting and deeper bass then consider purchasing the most powerful under-seat subwoofer for access.


Before purchasing the under-seat subwoofer, it is important to check the subwoofer’s size to fit with minimal space. You can choose the best subwoofer that can easily fit with your car’s under the seat. It is an ideal choice to select a compact model. The under-seat subwoofer should not take up your leg space and needs to be compact under your car’s seat.

Resonant Frequency

When getting a subwoofer, it is important to choose one with the lowest resonant frequency. This means it will make less distortion when playing sound. Since the under-seat subwoofers are prone to more distortions. The lower resonant frequency will assist in providing clean & clear sound.


In case you never prefer visible audio wires and clean installation then you need to utilize the connections with thin wires. However, thin wires will be accepted only by the low impedance of top-rated & the best under-seat subwoofers. You can use the 2 Ohms subwoofer to get the best and highest impedance model.


The more sensitive subwoofer will only require less electricity energy to produce the sound and move the cone. It is advisable to consider the more power-efficient model rather than the base models. It will consume less electrical energy and its components will be more durable and heatless over time.


Most of the best car under-seat subwoofers will include an in-built amplifier. The D Class amplifiers will be powerful enough and efficient to handle the best subwoofer. You need to note down the amplifier’s power rating and the higher one can play with louder sound.

Cone Size

The Subwoofer’s cone size can easily displace the air for base sound production. It can displace more air by using the larger cone. The model with a bigger cone size will offer powerful and deeper bass. The 12-inch cone-size model can deliver more powerful bass when compared to an 8-inch model.

Power Handling

Most of them preferred to utilize the higher power handling and deeper bass under-seat car subwoofer. The subwoofer should have the capability to convert electrical energy much easier to sound energy. They can potentially transform the more sound energy and higher power rating.

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Best Under Seat Subwoofers 2024

Find below the list of best car’s under-seat subwoofers for your reference:

Rockford Fosgate 12-inch – Portable under-seat Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate 12-inch P300 subwoofer will alleviate the hassle of subwoofers and amplifiers. It is a custom-sealed subwoofer that includes 300 watts of RMS power. It uses the 600 watts maximum capacity of power handling. This subwoofer includes the required things to run powerful music for enjoyment. It can easily fit within less space enabling the factory system dimensions. The remotely accessible knob will allow you to operate even from the driver’s seat. The response frequencies may range from 35 Hz up to a maximum of 150 Hz.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P300 Reviews


  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The covered vinyl will activate with industrial heat.
  • The larger size of AWG input terminals.
  • 5/8” MDF construction.
  • Best high output subwoofer.
  • It included a remote bass level control.
  • Low current design & high efficiency.
  • Under or over voltage & thermal protection.
  • Intelligent automatic switch on or off function.
  • Detachable Ground or Power connector.
  • Adjustable Octave or 12db low pass crossover.
  • Bass boost EQ is in-built & adjustable.
  • Speaker level inputs & separate low level.
  • In-built 180-degree phase switch.
  • The closed-loop design will ensure the optimum performance within the enclosure, amplifier, and woofer.

The Rockford Fosgate 12-inch P300 subwoofer will offer a custom-sealed enclosure powered with an impressive 300-watt amplifier. The fully utilized system will be ready to execute the signal and power ground from the enchanting bass source. It is protected against shock and this subwoofer will offer a durable exterior to resist the bumps and scraps placed within the cargo or trunk area.

Remote Bass Level Control – The remote bass level control will allow you to adjust the amplifier level even from the driver’s seat, and use your fingertip to whip low or even high.

Solid Cover – The 5/8” medium-density fiberboard is surrounded by the subwoofer to offer more stability rather than using solid wood for better survival under humidity & heat.

Perfect Protection – Overvoltage and thermal protection will assist in offering sufficient electricity flow within the subwoofer, it safeguards the damage of the downstream circuit from excessive electricity flow.

Closed-Loop Design – The Closed-loop design will offer optimum performance within the enclosure, amplifier, and subwoofer. It also has an in-built 180-degree phase switch.

Powerful Amplifier – It is perfect for any music lover to offer a little vibration with the listener’s sufficient volume. This subwoofer also has an in-built 300-watt amplifier with a bass booster without any extra cost.

Easy Placement – This powered subwoofer’s connectors are easily disconnected within minutes. You can effortlessly remove or place by disconnecting the subwoofer’s connectors with limited trunk space for easier placement.

Created with High Tech Components – This subwoofer includes various modern tech components such as clean bass, punch hard with a tune fan, and even additional rattles. The dynamic bass is delivered using the in-built adjustable bass boot equalizer (EQ). The intelligent automatic switch on or off feature can assist in automatically turning off the subwoofer after completing the playlist.

Rockville RW10CA Slim Low 800 Watt – Budget Under Seat Subwoofer

If you prefer to purchase a slim subwoofer for your car that can easily fit within the under-seat then you can choose the right model of the Rockville RW10CA model. This subwoofer is CEA-2006 compliant with a 2.7-inch thickness and 10-inch width to fit properly under the car seat. It can produce the RMS with 200 watts and a peak power of 80 0 watts to offer crisp & clear sound. In case you are not comfortable with utilizing this product then you can use the 30-day return policy and avail the full refund from the manufacturer.



  • Same Side Housing of Inputs & Outputs – The housing makes the wiring much easier. It ensures neat wiring and makes it go on one side.
  • Subsonic Filter – This filter is used to separate the low frequencies from human ear damage to provide a better-enhanced bass result.
  • Amazing Controls – The responsive control can be used to adjust your preferred volume. Based on your preference, it is possible to utilize the bass boost and phase control.
  • Automatic Switch On & Off – The subwoofer provides high-level inputs for eliminating the remote control usage from turning off or on the receiver. It senses the signal’s presence or absence to automatically switch off or on.
  • All-in-one Solution – The in-built amplifier will offer more bass and power. The wiring requirement is reduced to get an easy and clean installation.
  • CEA-2006 Compliant – The specifications & ratings of this compliance are approved & authenticated by third parties. It can produce the stated or indicated actual power of this product.


This subwoofer will offer high-level inputs and does not require the receiver’s remote wire to turn on or off the unit. It can sense the available present audio signal for switching on the radio with the assistance of a smart circuit. If the music signal is turned off then the in-built amplifier will automatically turn off the subwoofer system. It is also much easier to design and install this car subwoofer. The high-level input is an easier and faster method to install the subwoofer & aftermarket amplifier combination.

It is also not required to remove or adjust the receiver based on your requirements. You can simply utilize the wire and high-level inputs directly to your speakers. The entire inputs & as well as outputs are placed on one side for easier access. You can gain full sound control by wiring it more easily and neater. This slim fit of under-seat subwoofer can level the volume control and the subsonic filter is used to reduce the human ear damage from low frequencies. It offers a bass boost, phase control, and even a crossover filter with a low pass.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 – Compact Car Under Seat Subwoofer

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact subwoofer will deliver an impressive bass and look smaller in size. This product can easily fit in most vehicles and can produce equal low-frequency responses using the trunk’s larger subwoofer. If you prefer to reinforce the best bass within your car audio system without occupying much space. This Kenwood woofer can offer the possible biggest bang with a measurement of a 5.2” x 8.25” enclosure.

The rattles can be eliminated using the rigid aluminum enclosure along with the in-built amplifier to produce an RMS of 75 watts from the speaker. The Kenwood KSC-SW11 model offers a wired remote for controlling the bass even from the driver’s seat. It also included mounting brackets and a wiring harness.


  • Audio Quality – Based on the user’s review, this is one of the best noticeable subwoofers to deliver enjoyable audio quality. The clean and deep bass is hearable but not overpowering. This product was made for cars. It works the same way in trucks. You can use a remote control to turn up or down the bass and volume without having to touch the subwoofer.
  • Easy Installation – It is not required to have an expert skill to install this car subwoofer. It is a pretty simple installation and needs to connect wiring through the head unit, ground unit, and battery with the assistance of RCA cables.
  • High Sensitivity – The Kenwood KSC-SW11’s best feature is its rating with high sensitivity. The 110 decibels of sensitivity rating will offer a highly efficient subwoofer. It will not require more power for playing clear and loud bass.
  • Big Bass – This small subwoofer will deliver an impressive bass. This powerhouse can easily fit within any vehicle to produce an equalized response of low frequency to a trunk with a larger subwoofer. It offers the best solution to reinforce the big bass without utilizing a large space.
  • Big Woofer – It can offer the possible biggest bang with a measurement of a 5.2” x 8.25” enclosure. The rattles can be eliminated using the rigid aluminum enclosure along with the in-built amplifier to produce an RMS of 75 watts from the speaker. It also included the mounting brackets and wiring harness.
  • Wiring Harness – The Kenwood KSC-SW11’s wiring harness will cover the signal input, remote turn-on, ground, and power. The wiring length may vary based on its function.
  • Signal Input – The speaker level or line level signal can be used with the harness. It also comes with a 14-inch cable. One end of the cable has bullet connectors to attach to the speaker wire and the other end has male stereo RCA jacks.
  • Mounting Options – The brackets are mounted on both sides of the enclosure. They include a height of 1/8”, width of 1/8”, and length of 1/8”.
  • Wired Remote Control – It provides the entire fingertip control even under low frequencies. The sound can be changed between 50 Hz to 125 Hz. You can also turn it up or down and switch it from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. It comes with a remote control and a loop fastener and an adhesive hook. Without the remote control feature, the subwoofer can reset to default values of phase, crossover point, and volume.

Kicker 11HS8 150W – Cheap Car Under Seat Subwoofer

The Kicker 11HS8 150W powered car subwoofer will offer low-frequency output within the small enclosure to provide excellent bass. The subwoofer with 8” heavy-duty will work with 150 Watt RMS power. This ultra-compact sub with a measurement of 14” length and 3” height. The 150-watt amplifier combined with 8” subwoofer delivers the vehicle’s thumping bass even under the tightest location.

The low space can be used for adjusting your car’s trunk or window location. It offers the best music experience to the users. For easy access and better control, you can utilize the remote control.



  • Big Performance – Even with low notes, the 8” subwoofer will rock your ride with the help of mounted Hideaway in your car’s interior. On the fly, you can adjust the bass level using the remote control bass knob. The Nylon straps along with Velcro fasteners are included with this Kicker woofer for mounting purposes. The installation will be easier by using the signal wiring and power along with the quick disconnect harness.
  • Big Bass – This compact powered subwoofer can be easily fit in any location to deliver the best musical performance. The woofer with 3” tall and can fit under the storage areas or seats without finding any powered subs. The in-built and powerful 150-watt RMS amplifier produces strong bass along with better punch and depth for any music.
  • Fuse – Within the chassis, one 10-amp ATO fuse is installed.
  • Remote Bass – The wired remote is included along with a 3.5 mm mini-jack for utilization.
  • Harness – The wires of the quick-connect harness are for 8 feet of signal, 2 feet of remote switch, 2 feet of ground, and 17.5 feet of power. If you are utilizing the speaker-level input splice the wiring within the harness. If you are connecting to speakers, you need an RCA adapter. This comes with a fuse holder and a power wire that connects to the battery.
  • Mounting – The 3-inch subwoofer fits in the inside of many cars, but there is not a lot of space.
  • Subsonic Filter – The subwoofer won’t sound good if it can’t play the right sounds. These wrong sounds make a bad noise and can break the speakers or use up power from the amplifier. The subsonic filter can remove the entire inaudible frequencies to enhance the speaker’s performance and eliminate harmful distortion. The subsonic filter will be 24 octave/dB and will deliver a 25 Hz crossover point.
  • Remote Control –The output level control is easy to use with the wired remote. The remote has a bracket that you can use to mount it in the dash. You need to connect the remote and amplifier with a 3.5mm mini-plug and 20-inch cable on each end.


  • Wired remote control.
  • Automatic switch for turning on or off.
  • Speaker-level inputs (accepting the preamp-level signal with the assistance of an optional adapter item.
  • Bass Boost control & 150 Watts in-built RMS amplifier.
  • Variable phase control and low-pass crossover.

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 Shallow – Best UnderSeat Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 subwoofer would be the best option to consider matching with the compatible enclosure to add some bass. With its affordable price, you can purchase this best pre-loaded enclosure subwoofer below $100. The shallow compact design will sport for allowing the best fit with multiple varieties of truck applications and car trunks. Without utilizing much space, it can easily deliver the most powerful performance.

This pre-loaded 6” deep enclosure will fit easily under crew-cab pick-ups, extended-cab, or most standard-cab. The 5/8” MDF with a sealed enclosure can support the internal bracing to reduce unnecessary resonances to deliver a rhythmic and naturally detailed sound. The black carpet is wrapped to create a scratch-resistant and non-slip surface.



  • Mounting – This Pioneer subwoofer will include eight numbers of 1-inch self-tapping screws and 2 number of “L” shaped metal brackets for securely mounting the enclosure in your vehicle.
  • Speaker Terminals – The spring-post wire terminals can easily accept the bare wire up, dual or single banana plugs, or pin connectors up to a maximum of 10 gauge. The connected amplifier of your subwoofer is loaded with 4-ohm.
  • Sealed Enclosure – The MDF enclosure is 5/8 inches thick. It is wrapped in a black carpet to help make it strong and sturdy.
  • Angled Push Terminals – Most subwoofer terminals can be mounted up and down or left and right. The wires need to bend so they fit right, even when they are thin and strong. This subwoofer’s angled push terminals & patent-pending will make it much easier to connect the speaker wires. The installation is easy by saving space with the utilization of a straighter connection.


  • Frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 200 Hz.
  • 300 Watts nominal power handling & 89 dB Sensitivity.
  • 1200 Watts peak power & 4-Ohm impedance.
  • The black carpet is covered and constructed using fiberboard with 5/8” medium density.
  • Sealed enclosure.

Sound Storm LOPRO8 – Under Seat Subwoofer Box

The Sound Storm LOPRO8 subwoofer is one of the best expensive amplified models that provides a great option with a solid amplified car subwoofer. SSL (Sound Storm Labs) is another best brand to offer various chances. This brand is more popular across the car audio marketplace considering focusing on more bucks or bangs to link the subwoofer. The Sound Storm subwoofer is very well-made and huge return carry-on investment.


  • It is available with a subwoofer remote control for changing the volume functions and modulations for each sub.
  • The normal 8-inch variant is suitable for smaller cars and a 10-inch variant (subwoofer) can be best suited for a crossover, CUV, or SUV.
  • The LOPRO8 subwoofer will include the RCA function package for manipulating & changing the high-level or low-level inputs. The product’s functionalities are much easier in various instances of operations.
  • The Subsonic filter will vary from 20 Hz up to a maximum of 50 Hz to ensure the best range of frequency modulation even to listen to music on a noisy road. This woofer has a special filter. You can set it to different sound frequencies from 20 Hz to 150 Hz. This makes the sound perfect and better for you to hear.
  • The product’s quality amplifier will create the best booming bass effect within the car stereo speakers. The Sound Storm subwoofer will deliver the best sound output.
  • This subwoofer weighs around 12.8 pounds and measures 5 x 13 x 16 inches in size. However, the overall package weighs around 27. 2 lbs.

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 – Best Underseat Powered Subwoofer

The Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 compact subwoofer includes a 120-watt amplifier and an 8-inch subwoofer to combine with an aluminum enclosure. This compact design can be used to easily fit under the truck seat, an SUV’s hatch, or a Sedan’s trunk. It allows handling 120 watts of RMS power. This system will add to your vehicle’s sound along with robust bass.

Without utilizing more space on your vehicle, this system can deliver accurate, punchy, and small bass. The ongoing performance will provide more durability with the aluminum enclosure. The continuous output of the amplifier is 120 watts and the frequency range of this subwoofer may respond from 32 Hz up to a maximum of 150 Hz.



  • Wired Remote – Even from the driver’s seat, you can adjust or change the bass output level using the included wired remote. The subwoofer chassis may relatively gain the settings and range from 0 dB up to a maximum of 20 dB.
  • Speaker-Level Input – It includes the speaker-level input harness for easily adding the amplifier to the receiver or a factory radio without any preamp outputs.
  • Low-Pass Filter – The amplifier has a variable ranging from 50 Hz to 150 Hz using the in-built low-pass filter.
  • Automatic Switch-On – In case if you opt for utilizing the speaker-level input, the automatic circuit will switch on the amplifier after sensing the input signal. If it is a line-level input then a remote control can be utilized to turn on the amplifier.


  • Speaker-level and preamp-level inputs.
  • Variable phase control and low-pass crossover.
  • Frequency response ranges from 32 Hz to 150 Hz.
  • In-built D Class amplifier ranging with 240 Watts peak power and 120 watts RMS.
  • Cast metal enclosure along with a powered subwoofer.

Final Verdict: Under Seat Subwoofer

Conclusion: Based on various aspects such as budget, value for money, and overall performance, the following under-seat subwoofers are most popular across the online marketplace: Rockville RW10CA Slim Car SubwooferKicker 11HS8 150W Powered Subwooferand Sound Storm LOPRO8 Car Subwoofer. When compared to other subwoofers, they offer unique features to gain the best musical experience. You can also refer to the online reviews for your reference.

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