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Best Subwoofer Under 1000 Review – Buyer’s Guide

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Best Subwoofer Under 1000 Review: A subwoofer is an amplifier or loudspeaker designed to copy deep audio frequencies identified as bass and sub-bass, which may be at a lower rate, which can be (optimally) produced by a woofer. Normal frequency ranges for amplifiers are around 20–200 Hz for customer goods, less than 100 Hz for expert live sound, and less than 80 Hz in THX-approved systems. Subwoofers are never used alone, as planned to increase the low-frequency range of loudspeakers covering high-frequency bands. We have compiled a list of the Best Subwoofer Under 1000, which will help you to choose the best one according to desirability, and suitability.

Best Subwoofer Under 1000 – Buying Guide

While the word “subwoofer” officially refers only to the presenter driver, in general parlance, the name often refers to a subwoofer driver attached to a speaker enclosure (cupboard), frequently with a built-in amplifier. Subwoofers made of one or more woofers in a loudspeaker enclosure – regularly made of wood – capable of sensing air pressure, and resisting deformation. The first subwoofers were established in the 1960s to increase bass reply to home audio systems.

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Subwoofer or amplifier enclosures arise in a range of designs, comprising bass reflex (with a port or outlet), using an amplifier, and one or more inactive warmer speakers in the enclosure, audio interruption (wrapped cabinet). It has endless confound, horn-loaded, tapped horn, broadcast line, bandpass, or isobaric designs, which represent unique tradeoffs related to proficiency, low-frequency range, cupboard size, and cost. Passive subwoofers have a subwoofer driver and enclosure, and an exterior amplifier controls them. Active subwoofers comprise an integral speaker.

If you want to purchase the best subwoofer, then below the provided guide and parameters will help you to select the best subwoofer, which comes under 1000. There are a few essential components to focus on when looking for the Best Subwoofer Under 1000 to match your audio system.

Subwoofer Size

Generally, subwoofers are boxes that, under the end table, can barely fit. There is a considerably larger driver inside (the part that creates sound) and generally, the amp that controls it. To do its best, a driver must have some space in the cupboard after it. So preferably, a 12-inch driver would have an attired size box, while an 8-inch driver might have a minor plate. Therefore, in theory, an 8-inch sub in a small box can sound comparable to a 12-inch sub in a large table if it has sufficient power.

Surface Finish Options

Most amplifier producers, included in SVS, provide numerous finish choices to balance your loudspeakers and other AV modules. Piano Gloss gives a high-end impression to a home audio structure and is best for fashionable decors. Consider a more robust and scratch-proof black ash/oak or other wood scrap surface for high-traffic parts with children and pets or to match a definitive wood look. In devoted home theatres where the illumination is reduced, a low reflectivity finish will assist reduce light glare.

Location of Subwoofer

The cheat sheet for amplifier location is that placing the sub against the wall will increase the volume. Installing it in the corner will add slightly more. There is not strictly the most accurate bass response at any location (as in, specific frequencies will pronounce at others), but it will get you higher. To acquire the best bass in your apartment, sit at your central attending location, and someone moved everyone. Because the low-frequency deep waves are lengthy, they interact significantly with space.

Equalizer Settings

Individual subsystems and many receivers have area EQ processing, which shows test tones through your bass and subwoofer and produces a room-particular equalizer setting. These can do a portion, assisting to reduce peaks in the frequency reply (over-accentuated notes). However, they cannot fill the frequencies, making it harder for the acoustics to be heard in the room. These systems are not magic. However, they help and are worth seeing if you have an option.

Budget for Subwoofer

Many people do not have unlimited money to spend on the amplifier, so the budget is an essential feature. High-performance speakers need enormous magnets and motor constructions as well as controlling internal speakers, which creates them weighty. Inexpensive, lightweight subwoofers merely produce the same amount of bass and SPL as human hearing limitations to more critical, more spacious replicas, which almost defeats the purpose of adding a subwoofer.

Bottom Line

Good low-pitched is the initial thing most people notice about a home audio system. It rapidly has the most “wow” feature. That is almost entirely because of the subwoofer. The harmless play is a large sub with much power. You’re much improved off running a big act at “4” than a small sub at “10.” If you want the best sound in different places (or even corners) in a room, more than one subpart is almost always better and more accurate audio than the same sub.

Good bass Vs. More bass

Most people equate subwoofers with thump-thumps heard from other cars at stoplights. It is awful, low-voiced. A superiority subwoofer, appropriately located in a room, can generate d real sound deeper, not just the thump-thump. The idea with any bass system is to reconstruct all frequencies in the audio range similarly correctly. So the best subwoofers do not sound banging, but only stronger bass is possible with smaller speakers. Good bass isn’t necessarily more low-voiced, just improved audio loyalty—a more realistic audio representation of what is in the music or film.

Best Subwoofer Under 1000 Review

Now let us cover the Best Subwoofer Under 1000:

Sonos Sub – Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Sonos has gradually made an empire of trustworthy users who are not only worth the quality of the firm’s wireless speaker lineup but also the ease of use of the system. For many of these persons, the Sonos Sub signifies the final piece of the mystery—you don’t begin with this speaker. Still, it’s the constituent that can probably take your enjoyment of the complete system to the next stage.

At 699, the Sub is also not remotely inexpensive. But there’s no rejecting it adds a brilliant low-frequency complexity, ranging from delicate bass fixing to a severe deep bass rumble, and the Sonos app lets you modify sound levels without separating your seat. So while the rate is high, the consequences are excellent. The shape is comparable to many sub-parts we see, but the appearance is more design piece than an eyeball, creating its PC tower-like footmark a little easier to receive.


Key Features

  • Fully tuned two Class-D digital amplifiers to match two dedicated D drivers and acoustic architecture.
  • Audio settings regulate to effortlessly balance Sub and the paired Sonos bass or section to improve sound quality.
  • Two force-canceling bass drivers deployed face-to-face for deeper, richer sound and zero cabinet bell or rattle.
  • Dual audio ports cautiously tuned to enhance Sub performance.
  • Join the side panel buttons and lights and home buttons.

Why do we like it

  • It is a sturdy, loud sound at the maximum levels
  • Large low-frequency
  • Applicant-controllable bass stages
  • It has a striking design
  • It has a natural addition to current Sonos systems


  • Only runs with Sonos speakers cannot be linked to a subwoofer output

KRK 12S2 V2 12″ 220 Watt – Powered Studio Subwoofer

The 12S V2 carries a spotless tight bass irrespective of your melodic style, genre, or specific mixing needs. The 12S V2 powered studio amplifier shapes upon KRK’s legacy for auditory accuracy and stellar enactment. The custom-made, Kevlar woofer carries ultra-tight, distinct bass. Simultaneously, the Class-D power amplifier intensely enhances passing reaction, control, and punch, permitting you to engineer the low-frequency portion of the mix properly. KRK Monitor is the expert selection for mixing and mastering for over 25 years.

The large 12s subwoofer does not offer precision, ultra-low bass, and a luxurious specification set: this subwoofer is the next dimension in performance. The four-position selectable border lets you quickly regulate the subwoofer setting on your current monitor. Pairing the 12s with KRK or other studio monitors carries an enhanced attending and collaborating experience with stretched low end. At the same time, the unique bypass-control specification offers full-range audio to the screens if required, without turning off the subwoofer.


Key Features

  • Curved Confuse Curved front plate project virtually removes deflection alteration
  • Front-firing Port offers low-frequency delay while decreasing boundary link and the sole shape is enhanced to evade port turbulence
  • Bypass Footswitch Control permits you to lose the sub and provide full range bass to your recording displays for use with a normal latching inch mono footswitch
  • Thermal and Excess / Clip Security to stop harm
  • Metal Grill is healthy to keep the driver from harm

Why do we like it

  • Numerous settings for the sub and when combined with other KRK screen is right
  • Excellent audio and very clean
  • It has improved conversion between systems
  • The KRK 12S2 specifications a limiter path that offers enhanced security


  • It is not as horizontal as you would suppose from Focal or ATC

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 1000 Watt – Powered Subwoofer

The new sub3030 is made as the best accompaniment to the all-new Debut 2.0 amplifiers, adding a healthy bass substance to the melody and soundtracks that convert your system into a sensation you can hear. Like Debut, the sub3030 has been planned and built to bring marvelous performance at a reasonable rate. A custom 12-inch long-throw driver replicates today’s challenging video soundtracks and tunes with the required superiority and quantity of bass.

A custom 12-inch long-throw driver replicates today’s challenging video soundtracks and tunes with the required superiority and quantity of bass. The robust design permits placement in nearly any part of your room and classy app-controlled EQ promises a unified addition to your system. ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 1000 Watt Powered Subwoofer provides the highest convenience, seamless integration, and transparent setup components.

A 12-inch passive radiator enhances the effectiveness of the system while improving the passing response. The SUB3030 structures a low center brace that supports and hardens the cabinet to reduce unwanted vibrations to music or film material.


Key Features

  • It has improved Bluetooth Control
  • It has a 12-Inch Long-Throw Driver
  • Blocked MDF Cabinet
  • Auto Power On and Off option
  • Influential and Effective BASH Amplifier
  • Improve Your Room with Auto EQ

Why do we like it

  • Mechanically alters EQ with the SubEQ app
  • Vigorous bass
  • It is inexpensive


  • Practically significant for frequent altering or moving

SVS SB-3000, 2500W Peak Power – Budget Subwoofer under 1000

Featuring breathtaking production and extreme low-frequency growth with exactness and control, the 3000 Series joins the most sophisticated SVS subwoofer technology with trailblazing innovations to get the Rayleigh subwoofer performance to new lows. All-innovative 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver with 25 lb. A double toroidal magnet motor produces mass output to stimulate a room while bringing at the lowest frequencies with authority and control. It has eight hundred watts RMS, 2,500+ watt peak power sled STA-800D2 amplifiers with fully discrete MOSFET output to give the driver enough power to reach the maximum excursion levels at present easily.  It completes a room with pulse-racing sound while remaining distortion-free.

This subwoofer features a 13″ driver made to bring melodic and powerful bottom-end without any alteration or disturbing vibration — we’re making almost no port noise.  The double-port SVS cabinet design remains revision away, even at the whole octaves. In just over 15 cubics, this subwoofer balances into your room’s design plan. The Sledge STA-800D2 DSP Amplifier offers control and acts at a practical price point, carrying 2,500W of power at its top. So whether you’re searching to increase your movie, music, or experience, the SVS SB-3000 subwoofer will bring energy and complexity into any home audio setup.

SVS SB-3000 13 Sealed Subwoofer

Key Features

  • It has a Defensive non-resonant steel net grid
  • It has a Front-firing 13-inch high-excursion
  • A rear-mounted audio speaker with ICI
  • Healthy Middle-Density Fibreboard dresser structure
  • 800W RMS Power / 2500W Peak Power
  • Class-D Extension
  • 18 to 270 Hz Rate Reaction

Why do we like it

  • It has Great audio sound, hits solid and low
  • The rear speaker has touch buttons and an LED bar interface to help make manual DSP adjustments easier
  • USB port planned to control an optional SVS sound path wireless audio adapter


  • It has only standard and essential connections

SVS PB-1000 – Cheap Subwoofer under 1000

It is considered to be one of the best subwoofers and you need to be aware of it. If you are looking for one more best subwoofer to purchase, then without going for a second chance, this could be the best choice where you can utilize it whenever required. If you have a look at the lightweight cone material of certain drivers, then it mainly reproduces the subtle tones of music along with realism. Well, this thing makes it a perfect option when it comes to handling music lovers as well as home theater in general.

Once started to access this woofer, you can even witness it will offer better performance within an extended period of time than expected for sure. At the end of the day, it is all up to your choice in terms of picking the right ones and follow further. Basically, it is an integrated SVS sled amplified of SVS sled STA-300d along with sophisticated ones of DSP which will perfectly match with the cabinet configuration. For information, if you have a look it is mainly rated at 300 watts RMS as well as peak power of 700+ watts in general.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that this could be the most challenging musical bassline and it also stays to its tagline without any compromise. If you have a look at the DSP engine, then it will mainly allow for audio playback fine-tuning. When it comes to the woofer, you can have a look at an easy set-up. Yes, it is also easily integrated into a stereo system or any home theater in general. On the whole, it is the product that will be achieving its price.

If you have a look at this product, then it is highly supportive of movie soundtracks, TV, and others as well. At the end of the day, you will feel that this is worthier than expected at this price for sure.


Key features

  • It comes up mainly with a premium black ash finish which offers an attractive look
  • Expect a detachable power card for the better experience
  • Construction of strong rigid and cabinet
  • Experience dual ferrite magnets with high-grade
  • With less than 0.5 watts of green standby mode

Why do we like it

  • Offers excellent performance for both cinema and music
  • Expect top-notch quality
  • Suitable for the mid-size theater
  • Experience nice detailing while listening


  • Average construction

Monolith 12 inch, 500 watt – Best Home Theater Subwoofer Under 1000

When it comes to bringing a movie soundtrack is not always an easy task for sure. Also, it is said to be a big deal in terms of bringing to the home environment. Once you purchased the best woofer, then there is a chance to witness the dynamic portions of the soundtracks that you are looking for it. As everybody knows that some people are always excited to bring the theater sound at home, especially with good subwoofers. If you are the one who is really excited to bring it, then without making any confusion, you can go ahead with the product like Monolith powered subwoofer in general.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the gear is always considered to be the essential thing. So, whenever you are going to purchase, it is necessary for you to focus on the product whether it is having the potential to create an impact in terms of sound or not. So, whenever you are looking for the best product to choose, then without going for a second thought, this could be the best subwoofer which can you can prefer that offers great features as well.

If you have a look at this subwoofer, then it comes up with a better outcome. Yes, it has the potential to offer the outcome from each and every component which is available in it. Whenever you use the subwoofer, and then there is a chance to experience it from every nook and corner. Well, this is what most people are looking for to know. Once started to access, then there is also a chance to witness the floor getting vibration for sure.

When it comes to purchasing it, then it will come in three different sizes. So, based on the environment that you are living in, without any hassles, you can choose further for sure. When you have a look at THX certification, then it offers four flavors in general. Yes, it provides dominus, select, ultra and compact. One should keep in mind that whenever they attain ultra certification, then the subwoofers will go under the tests like distortion, sensitivity, and frequency response.

On the whole, it is quite attractive and at the same time, it is also essential for people to know about the features which are available in it. Let’s have a look at some of the features of this product before going to buy it online or offline as per your wish and convenience.


Key features

  • These THX-certified ultra products are mainly for large-sized rooms
  • Monitoring of power output, thermal protection, and amplifier’s transfer function
  • Ensures the top class audio performance which can reach higher volumes
  • Mainly enclosed in a cabinet, it is made up of HDF material

Why do we like it

  • Expect the great build quality
  • Powerful speaker at an affordable price
  • This sub extends fast and deep


  • Contains hazardous material

Yamaha NS-SW300PN – Best Powered Subwoofer under 1000

Basically, it is the subwoofer that comes up with the superior quality that also introduces the new technology to experience better outcomes. Whenever you are going to access it, then it comes up with the tight bass, clear, and twisted flare port in general. For information, you need to keep in mind that the subwoofer is mainly come up with a gently curved front as well as piano black in general. It is also one of the main reasons why music lovers are keen on welcoming a subwoofer like this to their home and making their environment better.

For information, if you have a look at this speaker, then it comes up with dual feedback circuit as well as PWM digital drive high-efficiency amplifier. On the other side, if you witness the new twisted flare port, then it is mainly contributing in order to clear as well as tight bass. Even, you can witness 20 to 160 Hz frequency response, if you have a look at this product. Whenever you are going to access this speaker, then you can get an opportunity to witness the advance YST II along with the support of 250 W output power in general.

Basically, if witness this 10-inch woofer, then it mainly comes up with a square wire voice coil in general. At the same time, you need to know that the availability of a front control panel is mainly useful for easy control as well as system control. If these things are managed to follow, then you may find that the product is quite impressive all the way for sure.

The major reason for purchasing this subwoofer is that you can witness the gentle curve along with the piano’s black finish. Yes, this thing will be helpful to offer a rich appearance on the whole. Even it is also considered to be the essential thing in terms of purchasing the woofer in the market. Apart from its rich appearance, you may also find that it offers a great bass response for sure. If you have a look at technology, then it comes up with twisted flared port technology. It is also mainly helpful to offer extensive subwoofer experience in terms of development as well. When you compared it to a conventional port, then you may witness the twisted flare port which will be reducing the air turbulence noise. At the same time, it is having the potential to contribute the low-frequency reproduction accurately and offers clear stuff.

On the other side, if you have a look at twisted and flared shapes will be having a chance to diffuse the airflow all the way through the port. So, whenever you are going to use it, then without any hassles, you will get a chance to witness the clear and realistic bass.


Key features

  • Availability of front control panel for system and easy control
  • Comes up with a square wire voice coil
  • Expect dual feedback circuit
  • Available technology produces tight and clear bass

Why do we like it

  • It is perfect for EDM
  • Easy to handle volume control
  • Very impressive performance


  • Difficult to setup

Verdict: Best Home Subwoofer under 1000

Conclusion: People who are really interested in purchasing the best subwoofer to buy under 1000, then without going for a second thought, go ahead with the above-mentioned products. Also, if you are looking for the best ones like Sonos Sub or SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer and others, KRK 12S2 V2 will be the best choice for sure.

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