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TV Buddy Caster Reviews: TVBuddy Caster is one of the best TV Screening devices that assist users to view their favorite videos or movies using your TV instead of your computer. As per the TV Buddy Reviews on multiple sites, it is way different when compared with the Google Chromecast device and it won’t display any advertisements or numerous trackers. Besides, your videos will not be tracked by Google or act as a spy for reviewing your media content.

It is essential to have an active internet connection for accessing your regular TV and directly connect the same to your TV Buddy Caster device to watch your favorite movies. It will not take multiple hours for setting the device and within a few seconds, you can stream your movies or videos. For future or later use, you can just simply connect the device to watch as many videos you require.

Technical Features of TV Buddy Caster Device

As per the TV Buddy Caster Reviews from users, you can purchase this device at affordable prices to utilize the best streaming TV. Even with its affordable pricing, you can enjoy accessing numerous product features to utilize. Find below the list of technical features offered by the TV Buddy Caster device:

TVBuddy Caster Reviews

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  • It works better on both Android & Mac OS. It is compatible and supported by Mac OS version 10 and above, iOS devices version 9 and above. Even Android OS version 4.4 and above.
  • This device can be used for screening on Home cinema, presentations, conferences, and many more.
  • Notably, it works much better with the H.265 decoding.
  • It also supports the 1080p screen resolution. You can watch or stream your entire favorite movies or videos with Full HD (High Definition) quality on your TV screen.
  • Make use of the Plug & Play theory to utilize the device easily and conveniently.
  • You can use for different modes like AirMirror, Cross-system mirroring, AirPlay, DLNA, Netflix, YouTube, or many more.
  • You can get a 50% quicker processing speed while using the HDMI output when compared with the other screening devices.

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TV Buddy Caster – Key Specifications

TV Buddy Review

TV Buddy Caster is one of the most popular and the best streaming devices for your TV that includes numerous key specifications. Each key specification is appreciated by the users. Most people will consider the key specifications before purchasing the best streaming TV caster for use. You can regret everything while buying the TV Buddy Caster device. Find below the list of high-quality key specifications offered by the TVBuddy device:

Audio FormatsWMA, OGG, AAC, APE, MP3, and WAV as well.

Video Formats VOB, MOV, TS, RM, MKV, AVI, and FLV.

Photo FormatsBMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF.

Resolution – It will work efficiently and effectively using the HEVC or H.265 decoder. It also supports the full HD (High Definition) 1080p screen resolution along with its maximum frequency of 2.5G.

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Reasons to Buy TV Buddy Caster Streaming Box

With numerous good purposes, it is more popular with the Cable cutting feature. This is commonly performed by various manufacturers for preparing to switch the smart TV models, cable-less, and wireless. You can find numerous brands and models of TV streaming devices available across the online platform. However, it is very much difficult to choose the right one for use. Many Smart televisions are available at a high-expensive rate to choose from. You can go through the TVBuddy Caster Reviews to understand the well-equipped and cheapest brand for your Smart television brands.

TV Buddy Reviews

Get TVBuddy Now!

TV Buddy Caster device is one of the best streaming devices available across the marketplace. You can save your time and as well as numerous dollars to enjoy watching the movies with its excellent and high-definition movie viewing experience. Find below the list of important reasons to purchase the TVBuddy Caster device:

  • Your Dreams will come true

This is one of the essential and most important reasons you need to consider while purchasing the best Streaming device (TVBuddy Caster) that offers various extra features to utilize. Many television manufacturers will provide a strong connection along with various content providers like Amazon Video, Spotify, and many more. However, a few contents provided by the Samsung Smart TVs will not be available for the LG-model Smart TVs. You may also feel annoyed with the limited content offered by Smart TVs. The TV Buddy Caster streaming device will assist a lot when other streaming boxes will not offer an appropriate partnership with the device.

Apart from that, even your content will not be blocked by this device. As per the TVBuddy Reviews from users, you will be getting bored to watch or stream the monotonous movies or videos that flash on your device screen. Your dream will come true by utilizing the TVBuddy Caster device to watch your favorite movies or desired videos with the help of a wider screen to fulfill your satisfaction. TV Buddy Caster device is one of the recommended streaming devices to watch HD (high definition) videos and movies without any hassle.

You can also access the TV Buddy Caster Reviews to get the required information about the device or its working process. When comparing the TVBuddy device with the same technicalities offered by other tools then this could be the best device to gain better viewing experiences. Without any technical issues or latency, users are allowed to watch their favorite movies or videos. Recently, most of them will rely on the internet and live HD (High definition) streaming TV equipment to watch movies. You can watch movies or videos while traveling, or home, or even at a working place.

  • Great Experience with Faster Access

Most Smart television owners might experience numerous frustrations while utilizing the television. They need to wait for a longer period to load their favorite apps, experience latency while streaming the movies or videos, and many more. Even it may vary on your Wi-Fi (Wireless) network connection and take more time to update the already or pre-installed applications.

However, you will never experience these issues or problems while utilizing the TV Buddy Caster Streaming box on your Smart television. This box will automatically receive the updates from its respective server and update the same within a few seconds. Many users will inform that they have not even noticed the app’s updating process on their Smart TV.

  • Better Utilization with Excellent Technology

Many Televisions will offer great and high-end pictures to their users by utilizing the latest advancements of technology. However, many Smart televisions will not utilize the latest or excellent technologies to use when compared to other televisions. For example, you can consider the remote control. Many Smart Televisions will provide a basic remote control for access and it is also very difficult for navigation. But, the TVBuddy Caster Streaming box will provide a specially constructed remote control that can offer you an excellent viewing experience.

The TVBuddy Caster device’s remote control will provide a better presentation of buttons to utilize the most popular and well-known applications like Amazon Videos, Shopify, Hulu, Netflix, and many more. When compared to the other TV streaming devices, it also provides a headphone jack to use. Without others’ disturbance, you can listen to your favorite channels, movies, or videos.

  • Your Television Life is extended

In case if you prefer a Smart TV as a streaming source then the user may also experience some financial issues. Since the Smart TV providers will offer numerous current streaming features and abilities when compared to the earlier Smart TV models. If you are not properly updating the Smart TV then there are various chances for the TV not to perform well. As a result, you need to replace it with the latest one.

However, it is not possible for everyone to replace a new & latest Smart TV without spending some money from their bank account. This is not a possible one for a tight-budget person. You can get rid of those issues by using the TV Buddy Caster Streaming device instead of purchasing a new Smart TV. The entire process will be properly taken care of by this TV streaming device. It can assure your Smart TV with extended life for a longer period.

  • Less Clutter

Most of the Smart TVs are noticed with the worthlessness Junkware available out there. It also includes various settings and extra features that you won’t have an idea of its working processor utilization. However, you can get rid of these issues while using the TVBuddy Caster Streaming box on your Smart TV. Since it offers a clean and much easier user interface or experience to its users.

How to Use TV Buddy Caster?

As per the TV Buddy Review from the users, it is much easier and more convenient to set up the TVBuddy Caster device for your TV.

  • With your ordinary television, you just need to connect the TV Streaming device directly to the available HDMI port connection. This single connector will assist the users to gain the best viewing experience along with more satisfaction.
  • Next, you need to plug or connect the USB cable and restart your TV to access the entire video content provided by the TVBuddy Caster device.
  • It is advisable to go through the best TV streaming devices review, Playbeatz Earbuds review, and TVBuddy review for your reference.
  • Many televisions available across the online platform will offer various different HDMI ports.
  • The device attachment is the only tricky procedure you need to follow will connecting the product.
  • However, you can overcome this issue by connecting it to the appropriate HDMI port and then pair the same device with its respective LAN connection.
  • Within a few minutes, you can complete this entire process.
  • Once it is successfully done, you can start to enjoy streaming or watching your preferred movies or videos on your TV widescreen.
  • Then, choose your favorite movies to watch on the bigger screen.
  • The last step should access the designated icons.
  • Numerous apps will include various designated icons for access.
  • Tap the appropriate icon to loan your preferred app to relax and enjoy streaming the movies using the TV Buddy caster device.

TV Buddy Caster Device Pricing

The users are allowed to purchase numerous TV Buddy Caster devices based on the following pricing:

1 Device – $59 (including shipping cost)

2 Devices – $110 (including shipping cost)

3 Devices – $123.34 (including shipping cost)

4 Devices – $186.78 (including shipping cost)

TVBuddy Caster Return Policy and Customer Support

In case if you are not satisfied with utilizing the TVBuddy Caster device then it is much easier to return the device within 30 days from the date of purchase through the mail. The return policy with eligibility states that the product should be packed with the original packaging and need to be in a like-new condition. After meeting the provided criteria, you need to contact the TVBuddy Caster’s Customer Support Team at 855-884-0385 for notifying them about the product return and provide the appropriate mailing address to follow the return process.

Next, you can pack the device with its original packaging and paste the printed or written mailing address along with your name, a valid email address, and also your contact number within the provided box. Once it is shipped, you can also forward the tracking number to TVBuddy’s Customer Support Team email address ([email protected]). Your refund process will be finalized by the customer support team and update the same to its users. However, the refund process will be updated within 30 days and notify the same via email.

The Psychology study states that watching or streaming videos on a small mobile screen will cause various health issues such as headaches, eye problems, and many more. It is advisable to watch videos using a larger screen to get more satisfied. If you prefer to view your video content in Full HD screen then you can purchase the TV Buddy Caster device in Canada that offers a 50% discount with exclusive offers. When compared to other devices, the TVBuddy Caster Canada device will assist you to watch movies or videos without any hassle. Most people across the globe will utilize the HD (High Definition) TV Streaming programs or the Internet platform to watch HD movies or videos.

Why we Like it

  • The TVBuddy Caster will support numerous services when compared to other screening devices.
  • You will never experience latency while connecting and accessing the TV Buddy Caster device.
  • Even in full HD (High-definition), the transmission procedure is quite possible and notable.
  • It is much easier and simple to connect the TV Buddy Screening device to your TV.


  • The Step process will require the following numerous steps.
  • Very much expensive when compared with the Google Chromecast device.

FAQ about TV Buddy Reviews

  • Do you require a system while using the TV Streaming device?

At times, you do not require a computer or system for utilizing the TV Streaming device. Since you can make use of your Tablet or Smartphone to connect the TV with its appropriate ports for the streaming device and as well as the Internet service. In case, if these devices are not available then you should require a system for setting up to play the media files. TV streaming devices are supported and compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. Hence, the system will be one of the available options to utilize.

  • What is the working process of a TV Streaming device?

TV Streaming devices are much easier and simple to set up. You need to connect your device directly to the television using the HDMI port along with its respective Wi-Fi (Wireless) network for playing your favorite video content from your Android mobile devices.

  • Do you require the Ethernet Connection to accessing your TV Streaming device?

No, it is not required to utilize the Ethernet Connection for accessing your TV Streaming device. But, you can gain the most reliable and high-quality streaming experience by using the Ethernet Connection.

  • Whether I need the latest Smart TV for accessing the TV Streaming device?

If your Smart TV includes an HDMI port then it is not required to buy a new Smart TV to enjoy streaming the latest movies or videos. In case if you do not have an HDMI port on your Smart TV then you can separately purchase the HDMI port to use the Streaming device.

  • Can you connect or access multiple TV Streaming devices to your TV?

Yes, you can connect numerous TV Streaming devices to your TV by connecting to its different available ports. However, you need to utilize your Android mobile phone for controlling the entire inputs that you prefer to play & watch.

  • Is it required to use the Cable or Satellite service for accessing the TV Streaming device?

No, it is not required to use the Cable or Satellite service for accessing the TV Streaming device. Your TV will automatically mirror the mobile device’s video content using an Internet connection. Without the utilization of a cable or satellite service to watch or stream any media content.

Conclusion: The TVBuddy Caster is one of the limited devices that include marketing, which can work similarly to a Google Chromecast device to screen mirror that video content that plays currently on your mobile phone screen. Recently, most of the new TV models will provide the in-built mirroring settings and make it not required to utilize the TV Buddy Antenna or Caster device.

TV Buddy Antenna Reviews

If you are using an older TV which does not include the screen mirroring feature that includes the HDMI port then you can utilize the TV Buddy Caster option when compared to use the Google Chromecast device. Even, if you are experiencing any issues in connecting or accessing the TV casting program then it is advisable to use the TVBuddy Caster device to get rid of it. This brand device is affordable and works with numerous casting apps such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, HBO Now, and many more. you watch any of the following Sky Satellite TV Sports or BT Sports Channels on your mobile. tablet or PC

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